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Hospitals & Ambulatory Care Settings

Every day, infectious pathogens are spread throughout hospitals and other healthcare-associated facilities. The opportunities for cross-contamination are pervasive and require diligent cleaning and treatment protocols. The threat of healthcare-acquired infections (HAI’s) to any facilities and those receiving Medicare reimbursements has begun reshaping how the healthcare industry operates and provides care.

Lowering your facility’s HAI Hospital Reporting Rate, shrinking room turnover times between new clients, lowering Environmental Services cleaning costs, and providing residue-free results are a part of BioSafety Solution’s service. Our staff is ICRA accredited and prepared to respond to emergency infection control issues as well as working collaboratively with EVS staff to do routine disinfection. We utilize the TOMI SteraMistTM system, with its patented Binary Ionization Technology® (BITTM) two-step process, to provide high-level disinfection with minimal disruption to your service. Increasing your hospital and healthcare rating requires maintaining a hygienic work environment for your clients and employees. Ask BioSafety Solutions how we can integrate into your existing infection control program!

Schools & Child Care Facilities

Schools, higher education, daycare centers, and businesses catering to children & infants are continuously at risk for viral, bacterial, and fungal outbreaks. Schools bring hundreds to thousands of people together multiplying opportunities for transmission of pathogens in a community. Illnesses such as MRSA, Influenza, Norovirus can rapidly spread between children which causes devastating effects in a short amount of time.

The demand for child care, after-school programs, and babysitting for working parents will continue to increase, and the parents expect the price of those services to ensure a safe environment.  Providing a safe environment for children goes beyond maintenance cleaning and careful child management. Being prepared for an infectious outbreak is essential as diseases like rubeola (measles) and whooping cough (pertussis) come back from historical obscurity.

Children and infants are a part of the immunocompromised population that require special protection. Knowing when to call for professionals may mean the difference between disruption of services and closing your doors for good. Call BioSafety Solutions to gain a competitive edge on other child care facilities and provide parents with peace of mind that their children are in good hands.

Senior Living

Every flu season, the CDC and other health-related organizations encourage our elderly family and neighbors to get their flu shots. The reason is simple: the elderly population is at greater risk of suffering complications from the flu than younger people. Cleaning protocols must be more rigorous and thorough than most facilities because elderly people’s immune systems are not as robust as they once were. These protocols include high-level disinfection of health equipment, public spaces, resident rooms, and shared kitchens.

BioSafety Solution’s infection control system provides senior living facilities with a plan to stay ahead of flu season and reduce the possibility of potential infectious outbreaks. Understanding the risk and modes of transmission for infection may be the difference between a community of healthy and happy residents, and instituting infection isolation procedures that would cost your facility not only time and money, but it could also potentially damage your institutions’ reputation. BioSafety Solution’s staff is highly trained in infection control and can assess your needs to create a customized cleaning & disinfection protocol to provide the highest level of care at your facility.

Mass Transit

Pathogens spread rapidly around the world, even when they originate from the most distant places on Earth. Infectious outbreaks travel quickly because of mass transportation and commercial shipping. During the 2014 Ebola outbreak, a man unknowingly brought the virus from Liberia to Texas. That virus was then passed to two nurses in the U.S.  The circulation of the disease from rural to urban to international communities was contained after the WHO (World Health Organization) coordinated international response to travel and instituted infection control protocols where people congregate.

Public transportation systems including buses, trains, ride-sharing companies, airlines, and ferries which are an essential component of urban life and commerce. Cargo shipping, such as ship container, trucking lines, and even cruise lines all have the potential to transport infectious disease around the globe.  Routine disinfection of shared spaces and commonly touched surfaces is essential for maintaining a sanitary environment for public spaces with shifting populations. BioSafety Solutions can clean and disinfect efficiently and effectively, no matter the size of the environment, to have your vehicle or service back in action quickly.

EMS & First Responders

First responders walk into dangerous scenes daily – crime and trauma scenes, unattended deaths, drugs labs, and more. When faced with environmental hazards such as bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials, immediate containment and disinfection are critical. BioSafety Solutions provides crime & trauma scene cleanup, biohazard removal, and decontamination services for residential and commercial clients.

Our process includes the TOMI SteraMistTM system which provides up to a 99.9999% clean surface for some of the most dangerous pathogens compared to disinfecting wipes that advertise a 99.9% clean surface. Disinfecting confined spaces or large venues aren’t insurmountable obstacles for our services. Call BioSafety Solutions to learn how we can assist you in dealing with a traumatic event or disinfecting a hazardous environment to get you back to work.

Hospitality & Travel

Complete disinfection of a large hotel or hospitality venue is no longer cost prohibitive! BioSafety Solutions can disinfect and decontaminate any room, in any size hotel or facility while creating a personalized cleaning protocol based on your company’s needs. Downtime for rooms or facilities can be kept to a minimum with our team trained in biohazard remediation and the TOMI SteraMistTM system. BioSafety Solutions is available 24/7/365 to respond to biohazard events at any scale.  Whether its surface cleaning or environmental decontamination, our process will leave you with the peace of mind that your facility is ready for new customers after an unexpected contamination or infectious outbreak.

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities are breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and viruses. While best practices are in place for gyms and exercise facilities, like wiping down equipment with disinfectant after they’re used; that doesn’t always happen and often isn’t enough. According to The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, research has found 25 different types of bacteria in fitness centers and a total of 17 different bacterial families.

Athletic facilities are dependent on regularly attending customers and open access for clients. Downtime for cleaning must be kept to a minimum to maximize attendance and reduce client’s negative perception they may be in an unsanitary environment. Spraying and wiping each piece of equipment, every exposed surface, and all high-touch items would require closing down facilities for days to ensure complete disinfection.

BioSafety Solutions can disinfect your facility at a fraction of the time necessary for manual cleaning. Whether it’s an emergency response to a biohazardous event, exposure to an infectious outbreak, or routine disinfection during lulls in attendance, BioSafety Solutions is available to provide the services you need.


Sports Equipment & Facility & Decontamination

According to the National Institutes of Health, community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) infections are a continuous risk for high school and intercollegiate athletic programs in the USA. Wrestling and football teams have the highest rate of infection for CA-MRSA due to the physical contact required by their sports and training conditions. Open fields used for outdoor sports are regularly exposed to migratory birds and the public, providing additional vectors for the spread of pathogens to student-athletes.

Many sports programs reported using athlete education and environmental decontamination to keep their athletes, students, and staff safe. When an infectious outbreak occurs, or a student-athlete is found to have an infectious disease that may pose a safety hazard to other athletes, call BioSafety Solutions to ensure your facilities are clear of biological hazards. Our disinfection processes are materials compatible with all sports equipment and can be applied so practice and events can proceed with minimal downtime.

Life Sciences

Medical research and lab testing facilities require routine decontamination to provide safe environments for their employees and clients, and to ensure the efficacy of their work. High-level disinfectants are often materially incompatible with equipment and electronics. The most common decontamination product is concentrated bleach (sodium hypochlorite) diluted to specified solutions. Many of these cleaning products require wiping down surfaces afterward to remove residual byproducts and lingering chemicals.

The laboratory setting contains a wide range of potential bloodborne pathogens, airborne pathogens, and environmental hazards depending on the focus of their research. BioSafety Solutions can provide residue free decontamination for life science facilities during research transition periods, emergency exposure events, and biohazards cleaning. Our process includes TOMI SteraMistTM, powered by Binary Ionization Technology (BIT), which provides greater material compatibility and boast significant efficacy compared to other, older decontamination options without harming sensitive lab equipment or the environment itself.

Million People Deal with Foodborne Illnesses
People Hospitalized
People Who Die

Food Safety

The CDC stated one in six people deal with foodborne illnesses every year in the USA. Of those 48 million people who become ill, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from the illnesses or complications resulting from them. Restaurant kitchens, food preparation facilities, and food processing centers are under strict scrutiny to provide sanitary environments necessary to keep people safe from the food they don’t personally prepare.

Routine cleaning varies from daily tasks, weekly tasks, to monthly tasks designed to reduce a buildup of debris, dust, and biofilms from surfaces in the preparation, serving, and packaging areas. Reducing downtime and providing customers peace of mind that they are served or supplied food from sanitary conditions is an essential component of the foodservice industry. BioSafety Solutions can provide disinfection services for emergency situations that would require time-intensive manual cleaning to achieve the same efficacy. Call us today to learn more about how we can integrate into your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan.

TOMI STERAMIST has EPA approval for Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli & most bacteria & viruses that cause foodborne illnesses & diseases.  STERAMIST technology achieved a greater log kill with quicker results than chlorine-based solutions.

Let BioSafety Solutions & Consultants Be Your Pathogen Protector

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